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How to set up IIS FTP for both internal and external users?

You can create FTP sites under IIS so that your users can perform file operations by using FTP clients. One IIS FTP site is normally sufficient for most companies. However, you may need some extra configuration to allow both external and internal users to access this site.

If you are fine with creating two FTP sites, you can create one for internal users and one for external users. The difference would be setting “External IP Address of Firewall” field for the external site.

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(Solved) 550 supply message incomplete, signature was not verified

While trying to upload a file via FTPS, you may come across “550 supply message incomplete” error. In my case, the file upload was working fine via FTP. However, FTPS didn’t work for any IIS server and any FTP client.

Here is the entire error message:

550 supply message incomplete, signature was not verified

FTP log:

2019-06-13 20:28:26 SERVER\user 21 STOR test.txt 550 2148074264 0 05edb0d4-756e-4509-8d5e-4f566cae5bfb /test.txt

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