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Remote Desktop Connection to Linux (Fedora 16) from Windows 7

I’ll explain how to connect Fedora linux remotely from Windows. You have plenty of choices to do that. Two of them are here:

  • TightVNC Viewer
  • TeamViewer

First of all, you should allow other users to connect your linux desktop. On Fedora, follow this path: “Activities > Applications > Desktop Sharing“. Click to “Allow other users to view your desktop“.

Fedora Remote Connection Settings
Fedora Remote Connection Settings

You may also need to disable or set your Firewall on Fedora.

Method 1:

Download and install TightVNC Viewer. Type linux IP address and connect.

Remote Connection with TightVNC
Remote Connection with TightVNC

Method 2:

Download and install TeamViewer. Start TeamViewer on Linux. Write your ID and password down. Open TeamViewer on Windows. Connect to linux using ID and password that you wrote down.

Remote Connection with TeamViewer
Remote Connection with TeamViewer

P.S. TeamViewer is faster than TightVNC.



Remote server connection by SSH using C#

SSH is a secure network protocol to use remote shell services or execute commands. You can connect to a remote server by SSH on Visual Studio. To do this, you need a SSH library. My suggestion is SharpSSH.

Download DLL files from SourceForge. You should add these DLL files to your Visual Studio project:

  • DiffieHellman.dll
  • Org.Mentalis.Security.dll
  • Tamir.SharpSSH.dll

To connect to server and execute commands, code is here:

SshExec shell = new SshExec(hostIP, username);
shell.Password = password;
string output = shell.RunCommand(command);

My SSH application is below. It is a simple SSH Command Prompt.

SSH Command Prompt
SSH Command Prompt