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Top 7 Tricks with Microsoft Word for Students

Microsoft Word is known as the most popular word-processing program on the market. And more than one billion people use it every single day. That is almost one in seven people on the whole planet. Which is an impressive number that is unmatched in the technology industry. However, besides the fact that it has so many users, not everyone knows all the program’s capabilities. Especially the students who are just starting to use it for school or college.

Top 7 Tricks with Microsoft Word for Students

Word is used for almost everything that includes writing. Adults are constantly using it for work or their everyday life. There are even people who can only do their jobs through Word, such as content writers or people who work at some assignment help services. So next time when you say, “I will hire someone who will do my assignment cheap,” it is good to know that they will write it on Microsoft Word. And they do that because Word is customizable, dependable, and it is packed with many features that make document creation way easier. 

Although nowadays, thanks to the technology in schools, students also get a lot of use of Word during their education, teachers often incorporate Microsoft Word into their lessons and classes, and document formatting for students has become essential. So, to help with that, the following are 10 tricks that every student should know.

Zoom in or Zoom Out to Save Eye Strain

Some people choose to work on Word zoomed in to 150%, and others do not like scrolling up and down or left and right, so work on a 75% window, so they can see the full document. Either way, you can find the perfect setting that will work best for you by sliding on the “100%” tab with a slider located at the document’s bottom right.

Use Smart Lookup to Search the Internet

Smart Lookup serves as a quick shortcut that allows you to browse the internet. So anytime you highlight a phrase or even a single word and right-click it, Word offers you to use it. Allowing you to get answers to all the questions or get definitions for any possible word.

Convert PDFs to Word Documents

When you open a PDF file in Word, it converts it into a .docx format, and then you can add text to the document. This can be helpful if you want to fill in any document on your computer rather than on paper with a pen.

Copy, Cut, and Paste with Keyboard Shortcuts

Ctrl + C to copy, Ctrl + X to cut, and Ctrl + V to paste are three amazing, but at the same time basic commands that will save any user a lot of time while working on any kind of document.

Delete Entire Words at a Time

This is one of the easiest tricks that many do not know about. Pressing Ctrl + Backspace with the cursor placed after the Word you wish to delete will remove the word or even the sentence right away. Making things much easier without having the need to hold down Backspace to remove letter by letter.

A Quick Way to Insert Links

Just like the previous command, this is also a keyboard shortcut. This allows you to add links to a document by pressing Ctrl+ K. Using this will definitely save you a lot of time and may even become one of your favorite shortcuts.

Sign your Name on Documents

There are many situations when you need to sign your name on a document for university or work, and Word allows you to do that on any document.

You can do that by clicking on “insert” at the top of the screen and then on “Shapes” then, choose the rightmost icon and draw the mouse wherever you want to draw your signature. Once you are done, it will be converted into a picture, so you can easily resize it or move it.

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