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Alexa blinks yellow light ring

Alexa blinks yellow light ring. What does it mean?

Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa blinks yellow light ring when she needs your attention! In other words, there is something she wants to tell you.

Note: The ring may look green in the pictures but it is actually yellow and it is blinking (pulsing)!

There are 8 different colors Echo devices may display: blue, red, orange, yellow, purple, green, white, violet. Device may pulse or show these colors solid. Sometimes they just flash. Each color and action have a different meaning.  It is important to know their meanings to use your voice assistant efficiently.

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Why does Alexa blinks yellow light ring?

When there are some messages or notifications for you, Alexa blinks yellow light ring and it also chimes to alert you. It could be an incoming message or it could be a comment to your question on a product at

Click to watch the video:
What does yellow light mean?

In order to hear what the message or notification is about, say “Alexa, read my notifications” or “Alexa, play my messages”.

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Alexa blinks yellow light ring
Pulsing yellow. You have a message!

Here is what Amazon says about the pulsing yellow light:

Alexa delivers messages to the recipient’s Alexa app as well as to all of their supported Echo devices associated with their Amazon account. When there is an incoming message, lights on supported Echo devices pulse yellow, and the devices chime.

Alexa Messaging

How about red, blue, green lights?

Wondering what other colors Echo devices display mean? Here is a list of colors and their meanings for Alexa.

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