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Change Alexa's Name

Can You Change Alexa’s Name? How to Rename Alexa and Change Wake Word?

Amazon’s Alexa is the leading voice assistant with over 70% market share. It continues to gain even more popularity along with having more features. There is one downside of this increasing popularity and demand: The daily effect of Amazon’s name choice on the people whose names are Alexa.

The story of a 6-year-old child who is bullied by her classmates shows how Alexa might affect people’s lives in unexpected ways.

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How to measure website speed in your internal network?

When it comes to finding out an external website’s speed, Pingdom Website Speed Test is the first tool that comes to mind. Google PageSpeed Insights and GTmetrix are other useful tools to measure and troubleshoot your external site’s speed.

What about internal sites? Since these sites are not open to public, tools like Pingdom or GTmetrix won’t be able to analyze them. I will mention a quick way of measuring your website’s speed in this post.

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