9 Easy and Practical Recommendations to Improve IIS Performance

IIS hosts millions of websites around the world. Thanks to IIS Manager, it is easy to create and manage websites. Websites use default functional and performance settings which are efficient most of the time. However, you may want to fine-tune IIS performance for specific applications and cases.

Fine-tuning IIS Performance

In this post, I will explain 8 recommendations that potentially improves IIS performance. Most of the recommendations are compatible with IIS 7.0 and newer versions with a few exceptions. I will mention the exceptions in their respective section.

Recommendation areas:

  1. Output Caching
  2. Application Initialization
  3. Default Document
  4. HTTP keep-alive
  5. Cache-control Header
  6. Idle Time-out Action
  7. Dynamic Compression
  8. and 9. Other options (Queue Length, Enable 32-bit Applications)