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Compiling C++ programs by command prompt

There is a tool called “cl.exe” which let you compile your C++ programs on the command prompt. If you install Visual Studio, you expect using cl command. The fact is that you CAN’T, if you installed 2010 or 2012 version of Visual Studio. Instead, you should use another one called “Developer Command Prompt for VS2012“.

Look it up on the start menu and try. It might seem like this:

cl command
cl command

More information for “cl” command:

Remote server connection by SSH using C#

SSH is a secure network protocol to use remote shell services or execute commands. You can connect to a remote server by SSH on Visual Studio. To do this, you need a SSH library. My suggestion is SharpSSH.

Download DLL files from SourceForge. You should add these DLL files to your Visual Studio project:

  • DiffieHellman.dll
  • Org.Mentalis.Security.dll
  • Tamir.SharpSSH.dll

To connect to server and execute commands, code is here:

SshExec shell = new SshExec(hostIP, username);
shell.Password = password;
string output = shell.RunCommand(command);

My SSH application is below. It is a simple SSH Command Prompt.

SSH Command Prompt
SSH Command Prompt