500 Internal Server Error if the full path is not entered (0x80070542)

500 Internal Server Error is one of the most common IIS server errors I see daily basis. Most of the time, a coding or configuration issue causes this error.

In a case I have recently worked on, the page was displaying the error below if the user tries accessing the root of the application. There were no issues if they enter the full path.

IIS logs 500.19 if a client drops connection while loading the website

HTTP status and sub-status codes provide valuable information about the issues users come across. One of the code pairs is 500.19 which means “Configuration data is invalid“. However, IIS may show this pair incorrectly if a user drops connection before the browser loads the website completely.

The error message from the Failed Request Tracing log is below. Please note that this error appears during the execution of the Dynamic Compression module.

HttpStatus: 500

HttpReason: Internal Server Error

HttpSubStatus: 19

ErrorCode: An operation was attempted on a non existent network connection (0x800704cd)

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