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How to connect to TEMS Investigation 13.1 using HTC smartphone?

To collect WCMDA or LTE signal logs you could use a scanner or data cards. There is another way to do that: using smartphone. It is easy and feature-filled.

Firstly, we have these tools for this work:

  • TEMS Investigation 13.1 on Windows 7
  • HTC Vivid (PH39100)
  • USB cable

I will tell you how you can do that step by step. Please read whole article before practising that.

Here we go:

  1. Plug in USB cable to the computer and HTC.
  2. On HTC, open “HTC SSD Test“. You must enable these features on HTC:
    • Control Diag Port
    • Control Modem
    • Control RmNet
      HTC SSD Test Tool
      HTC SSD Test Tool
  3. Open “Device Manager“. Did you see these HTC drivers? If you did, continue with Step 3. If you didn’t, try unplug/plug, restart, reinstall drivers etc. It is a regular driver installation problem (If your manufacturer gives you special drivers, don’t forget to use them). I suggest that a program for this work: USBDeview. You can easily install/uninstall your USB devices with using that program.
    • HTC USB Modem
    • HTC Ethernet Adapter – 9k #2
    • HTC Diagnostic Interface – 9K (COMx)
    • HTC Diagnostic Interface (COMy)

      Device Manager after HTC driver installation
      Device Manager after HTC driver installation
  4. Open “TEMS Investigation 13.1“. Create a new workspace or open a previous workspace.
  5. Probably It will not recognize HTC automatically. If It happens, don’t worry. You can still do that. Just you need to create a manual configuration. Click to lovely little “Start Manual UE Config” button. Then create a manual configuration as It has been shown below. You should choose device type and ports settings carefully. Read your device’s documentation for that.

    Manual Configuration on TEMS
    Manual Configuration on TEMS
  6. Restart TEMS Investigation and HTC. Unplug and plug in USB cable.
  7. Finally, open TEMS Investigation while HTC connected to the computer via USB. Here we are:

    HTC on TEMS