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How to connect to TEMS Investigation 13.1 using HTC smartphone?

To collect WCMDA or LTE signal logs you could use a scanner or data cards. There is another way to do that: using smartphone. It is easy and feature-filled.

Firstly, we have these tools for this work:

  • TEMS Investigation 13.1 on Windows 7
  • HTC Vivid (PH39100)
  • USB cable

I will tell you how you can do that step by step. Please read whole article before practising that.

Here we go:

  1. Plug in USB cable to the computer and HTC.
  2. On HTC, open “HTC SSD Test“. You must enable these features on HTC:
    • Control Diag Port
    • Control Modem
    • Control RmNet
      HTC SSD Test Tool
      HTC SSD Test Tool
  3. Open “Device Manager“. Did you see these HTC drivers? If you did, continue with Step 3. If you didn’t, try unplug/plug, restart, reinstall drivers etc. It is a regular driver installation problem (If your manufacturer gives you special drivers, don’t forget to use them). I suggest that a program for this work: USBDeview. You can easily install/uninstall your USB devices with using that program.
    • HTC USB Modem
    • HTC Ethernet Adapter – 9k #2
    • HTC Diagnostic Interface – 9K (COMx)
    • HTC Diagnostic Interface (COMy)

      Device Manager after HTC driver installation
      Device Manager after HTC driver installation
  4. Open “TEMS Investigation 13.1“. Create a new workspace or open a previous workspace.
  5. Probably It will not recognize HTC automatically. If It happens, don’t worry. You can still do that. Just you need to create a manual configuration. Click to lovely little “Start Manual UE Config” button. Then create a manual configuration as It has been shown below. You should choose device type and ports settings carefully. Read your device’s documentation for that.

    Manual Configuration on TEMS
    Manual Configuration on TEMS
  6. Restart TEMS Investigation and HTC. Unplug and plug in USB cable.
  7. Finally, open TEMS Investigation while HTC connected to the computer via USB. Here we are:

    HTC on TEMS

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27 thoughts on “How to connect to TEMS Investigation 13.1 using HTC smartphone?”

    • Hi 1ve0,

      Thanks for the great post, good information. I am actually trying to set up an HTC Vivid with Tems Investigation 13.1 & am looking for a copy of the HTC SSD Test Tool. The link posted works but only contains a “com.htc.android.ssdtest-20110611-185837.properties” file. Any advice or help you could provide would be tremendously appreciated!

      • Thats really awesome of you thanks! What is the process for getting the application installed on the phone? I am checking xda-developers.com forums for more information but I have not had any luck as of now. Kind of a unique situation so there isn’t a lot of information floating around… Again thanks for your time!!!

      • I wish I knew my friend. I have never installed SSD Test Tool on my HTC. It came with that. If you figure out that, could you let me know? I am also following xda-developers but there is no useful response for now.

      • I found some basic instructions for doing a manual restore of apps in these file formats. I will attempt today and let you know the results. Have a good day 1ve0 and thanks again!

  1. I have the SSD tool loaded on my Vivid and would like to be able to log/see LTE information such as signal strength and UL/DL data speeds. What part of the tool would I find that information? Also, how can I move that information to my PC. I am using Wireshark to see the data but only the TCP information is logged.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Joseph, do you use TEMS Investigation? If you use it, I can explain what you want. I haven’t tried to analyze signals that come from HTC on Wireshark.

      • I don’t have TEMS Investigation, only NEMO Outdoor. I was told by HTC that Wireshark could be used to analyze the LTE data but that was really all the information they could give me. Unfortunately, I can only see the TCP protocol in Wireshark. I thought maybe I was possibly not running the correct portion of the SSD Tool. I have been using the Network Traffic Log.
        There are two other things I am having a difficult time with regarding the Handset and SSD and that is that I can not find the Diag Driver and there is no Control RMNET.
        Thank you for your quick response!

    • Hi Joseph,

      The HTC SSD Tool just allows you to enable extra USB functionality when connecting to a PC. Basically once you enable the options that 1ve0 has mentioned in the article, and then connect via USB to your PC, you will see the extra “HTC Diagnostic Interface” entries in device manager. TEMS Investigation requires these to read the data you are looking for from the phone’s LTE/UMTS chipset. Then you can just set up TEMS using 1ve0’s instructions above! Did the HTC SSD Tool come on your “test” unit or did you flash a ROM that contained it? I am trying to get the tool onto my stock Vivid and have not had any luck so far…

      • I have not been able to read from the USB port when the Vivid is attached. This is probably due to the missing diagnostic driver DIAG.
        HTC provided the SSD Tool…or at least this is my understanding as I am not the person who purchased the sets. I am in the RF engineering group and was just given the phones. Sorry I do not have more information for you regarding how the SSD Tool was loaded on the phone.
        Thank you so much for your reply. I am sure that the missing driver is what I need and that probably I will be able to see LTE data once that issue is solved.

      • Thank you for your helpful comments guys.

        @Joseph, If you cannot install Diagnostic driver, try driver that is below. This one is special for HTC Vivid.

        If you have SSD tool on your HTC, It means you are lucky 🙂 @ch3sTER is trying to install SSD Tool for a while. I think He will do it and It’s gonna be big improvement.

        Keep in touch guys

    • I haven’t tried but there is a small instruction about it on help menu. I hope it helps:

      7.1.3. Nokia Phones

      Before plugging in the phone, you must run the MSI file found in the directory …DriversNokia. This installs the driver files to the directory C:Program FilesNokiaConnectivity Cable Driver.
      After plugging in the phone, point to this directory when prompted. You must also select PC Suite in the menu that appears in the phone display.

      Standard USB drivers from Nokia should never be installed. With such drivers it is not possible to associate the Nokia phone with two device channels (“MS” and “DC”) in TEMS Investigation. Be aware that such drivers are installed along with certain other software products, such as the Nokia PC Suite for synchronization with Microsoft Outlook.

  2. Dears,

    I Had Problem when i make band locked when connect HTC VIVD to TEMS 14 as meesage appeared Equipment not capable of performing bandlock

    Thanks for you supporting

  3. Hello everyone. I TEMS Investigation 12.0 and I would like to use my Samsung GT-i9505 with. how to do the manual configuration. help me please.


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