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Advanced Logging is not working – Enable Advanced Logging per site

Advanced Logging is an additional IIS feature that helps administrators customizing web server logs. IIS 7, 7.5, and 8 used this feature as a detailed and customized logging option. With IIS 8.5, Enhanced Logging which is a built-in feature in IIS was introduced.

In this post, I will explain a solution for the scenario where Advanced Logging is not recording any logs. I will also provide a trick to enable it per websites.

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How to use Azure file share in IIS Shared Configuration?

IIS Shared Configuration allows system administrators to use multiple IIS servers sharing the same configuration file. If you want to keep this configuration file in an Azure file share, there is a specific procedure you need to follow. Step-by-step procedure is in the Solution section below.

You can also try to use “Map network drive” feature in Windows File Explorer or the New-PSDrive command below. In my case, neither of these options provided a permanent solution.

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