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The updated list of Turo Go Eligible Cars

Turo Go is the system that allows renters to unlock and lock cars through the Turo app. If you want to rent out your car on the platform, it removes the hassle of meeting the renters. However, there is some model, make, and year eligibility requirements for the cars to use Turo Go.

On Turo’s website, there is a list of eligible cars but this list is outdated. For example, It lists BMW X1 2014 and newer models as eligible. When I tried to onboard my BMW X1 2014, they said it’s not compatible.

After some email exchanges with Turo Support, they provided the screenshots below. This is the updated list of Turo Go eligible vehicles. Screenshots are blurry but they are readable.

Note: I talked with Getaround Support as well. They support pretty much all cars! If your car is not eligible for Turo Go, give it a try with Getaround.

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