Solved: Alexa says “I am having trouble connecting to the internet. Take a look at the help section in your Alexa app”

Alexa is showing a red light and telling you:

I am having trouble connecting to the internet. Take a look at the help section in your Alexa app


Follow the steps below to fix this issue:

  1. Turn off your modem and router. Wait 10 seconds. Turn them back on
  2. Make sure you have internet connection (Check it with your phone or computer)
  3. Unplug your Alexa device. Plug it back
  4. If Alexa still gives the same warning, go to
  5. Click “Settings > Updates Wi-Fi” and make sure your Wi-Fi is configured
  6. Reset Alexa to factory defaults. Press and hold the “Microphone off” and “Volume down” buttons at the same time until the light ring turns orange and follow the instructions
  7. Still having trouble? Reset and reconfigure your modem, router, and Alexa device

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22 thoughts to “Solved: Alexa says “I am having trouble connecting to the internet. Take a look at the help section in your Alexa app””

    1. Nope..not for us. No matter what we do it will not connect. For some unknown reason the Echo went off line shortly this morning. We’ve called amazon, followed the instruction . done every trick/hack know still nothing. It just ain’t workin’.. It was a Christmas gift.

      1. Same here. The resetting directions in the Alexa app describe connecting to Amazon-MSP network that displays, “no internet connection” The directions to click on it and choose Yes don’t work because the options are “Forget” or “Modify” which requests technical info impossible to know. Ugh

        1. I ran into this issue just today when i switched to a new wireless router. It wouldn’t reconnect no matter what i did using the phone app. I had to do a factory reset on the echo, then use the web app (which requires you to have a PC connected to the same wireless network as the echo, mid directions you have to manually switch wireless networks to the Echo then back again).

          The phone app just doesn’t work that well i guess.

          1. Thank you! I didn’t even realize there was a web app. I’ve literally not been able to get them for over a month and this finally worked!

  1. Yes, restart your device, make sure you are using update version of alexa app. In case you still unable to connect wifi to echo, Contact customer support.

    1. I’m having trouble connecting Echo to the Internet as Wifi is so slow. It will work via a phone hotspot but that isn’t a solution in this case. I gather it’s possible to get a ‘myfi box’, a sort of mobile internet. Does anybody know anything about these please? Thanks. Clive

  2. Well I unplugged it 3 times and attempted to reset… nothing… so I tried the router reboot….for the first time it said “this device is connected”. However, still a red light with no connection. So the echo Dot has lasted two weeks. I’m so impressed.

  3. :Hello I did everything on the forum, and my alexa echo, and my alexa show does the same thing over, and over again and it still will not connect. what do i do now?

  4. I have 2amazon dots first generation and both are saying that they cannot connect to the internet, I tried everything that was in the instructions and they still won’t connect!

  5. So every time my router restarts i have to reboot my alexa’s lovely now i have to move furniture because the f@#$@#$g junk amazon supplys wont reconnect automatically unlike every other device in my house. Amazon i hope all your warehouses get struck by lightning and burn to the ground please god please

  6. I have Alexa connected to my internet and my ring doorbell. Every time I ask her to show me front door she says my WiFi is not connected but it is. Please help!


  7. What a waste. Worked fine for a month or so, then out of the blue it started saying it can’t connect to the internet, check help. The help page is totally useless, besides being hard to find. What a waste.

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