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3 Magical Tools to Highlight and Share Content in Websites

When you study or read a book, you probably want to use a colorful marker or pen to highlight important parts of the text. Hopefully, there are solutions to carry this same habit to online world.

Check these 3 highlighting tool to move your online reading experience to the next level.


It’s been over 10 years since Diigo was first launched. Diigo is the most comprehensive highlighting and note-taking tool on the web. It also supports the majority of browsers and devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android. However, there is a catch. You can use highlighter up to 500 times in the free version. Plans start from 40$/year to remove restrictions including highlighting limit and collaboration features.


If you are using Pocket or Instapaper for saving website to read later, Liner is probably the best option for you to highlight web pages. It offers integration with Pocket and Instapaper so you can import your saved pages to Liner. There is no limit for the count of highlighting but you need premium membership if you want to use different colors. Free plan offers only “yellow” marker. Premium plan is 50$/year. Important to mention: Liner doesn’t support Android devices yet.


Highly is an easy-to-use online highlighting tool with support to popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and iPhone/iPad (Android is not supported yet). It also supports Slack. Highly focuses on socializing while marking your texts up. You can follow other fellow users and create teams. All highlighted texts are public by default. You need to subscribe for 50$/year if you want to highlight pages privately.

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