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Gartner Maturity Model for Tech Companies

If you work in a place like the following, the maturity model that I will talk about in the article appeals to you: In a company focused on IT and in the IT unit of a company operating in a different sector

Gartner offers a roadmap for the development of IT systems, processes, and personnel. There are 5 stages in this roadmap:

  • Awareness
  • Committed
  • Defined, ready (Proactive)
  • Service-Aligned
  • Business Partner

The improvements included in the stages are as follows.

Factors affecting the development process:

  • Managerial level awareness and enthusiasm
  • Determination and patience
  • Being open to development
  • Financing

The company can score in the following areas while testing its place in the development process. For example, which of these stages can the current technology in the company meet? Or, what stage does the applied processes show?

Scoring areas:

The table below will guide you when scoring:

The result will be a graph like this:

So, what does it bring to the company to act in accordance with this maturity model?

  • Economic benefits
  • Agility, flexibility service quality
  • Enterprise value
  • Ease of enterprise integration

The advantages of the maturity model are further detailed in the illustration below. All business value, quality, customer satisfaction and material gain; Notice that it focuses on people, processes, technology.

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