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Solved: OneNote doesn’t sync and keep asking SkyDrive username and password

OneNote was prompting me annoying log in window for a while. Even though I entered my credentials correctly, It was asking them again and again.

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This is why this problem occurs (in my case):

  • I signed in OneNote with my email1
  • I created notebooks
  • I switched account and signed in with my email2
  • Then I started facing this sync problem because the owner of my notebooks isn’t the same with the current signed user


So, how do you solve this problem and have the sync completes successfully? (How to change ownership of the notebooks?)

  1. Go to skydrive.live.com. Sign in with your email1
  2. Share all notebooks to your email2
  3. Go to skydrive.live.com again in different web browser this time (just to keep both accounts open at the same time. not necessary) and sign in with your email2
  4. Click on the shared notebooks one by one and hit the button “Open in OneNote
  5. Notebooks will be opened in OneNote and synced successfully
  6. Create new notebooks and copy the shared one to the new ones (Right click the sections in the shared one and choose “Move or Copy“. You should do this for all of the sections)
  7. After copying all sections in all notebooks. close the shared notebooks
  8. Delete those notebooks from your email1
  9. This is it! Now your notebooks’ owner is your email1 and all the notebooks synced successfully

Note: This problem might occur because of several different reasons which were mentioned here. Check that page out for different solutions

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  1. try this solution, seems to be easier….
    I have figured this out, after trying all the things above. It came down to one thing, two-factor authentication. If you have this enabled, to sign into OneNote on your PC you have to use your App Password, not your actual password to your Live account. So log into your Live account, Click on Security Info, and then click create a new app password. It will then display the current, or new, app password. Now use that password that it gives you in OneNote and everything should sign right in. Now I am able to sync all my files from OneNote to my phone without any issues, without messing with IE settings, and all that other stuff……http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/office/forum/office_2010-onenote/i-changed-my-live-id-password-and-now-onenote/bf0d587d-9318-4614-89b3-466ff7746fa8


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