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Solved: “Cygwin installation is out of date” error when you install Moshell on Cygwin

After install Cygwin by following this document (or this one as backup), the next step would be installing Moshell (Step 13 in that document). When you type bash moshell_install command, you see an error like this:

!!! Your cygwin installation is out of date and incompatible with the latest moshell version !!!
Please upgrade to the latest cygwin version by rerunning the setup.exe from

Cygwin Version Error
Cygwin Version Error

It is a common problem. You are not alone. To resolve this problem:

  • Check your cygwin version (Command: cygcheck -V)

    Cygwin Version Check
    Cygwin Version Check
  • Check for the latest version.
  • If you are sure that you have latest version, open “moshell_install” file (under “C:\cygwin\home\USERID“).

Change rows 201 between 209 as the screenshot below (add “#” symbols before commands):

The resolution
The resolution
Here you are:
Moshell Connection Successfull
Moshell Connection Successfull

4 thoughts to “Solved: “Cygwin installation is out of date” error when you install Moshell on Cygwin”

  1. it work for me for installation but when i run the moshell i got this message :

    1 [main] gawk 5072 fork: child -1 – forked process died unexpectedly, retry 0, exit code -1073741515, errno 11
    gawk: /home/uchan/moshell/funcs.awk:1506: fatal: cannot create child process for `uname -a’ (fork: Resource temporarily unavailable)

    do you know what wrong with me .. i use OS win 7 64 bit, thanks for your help

  2. I installed moshell but always below error, any one can help ?> ls -l
    ERROR: comcli port is unreachable on both SSH and TLS.

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