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How to install Android applications to SD card directly?

If you have an Android phone, You see that every applications that you download from Adroid Market install Internal Memory automatically. If your Internal Memory is small, this situation is very big problem for you. Probably you look for a solution to install applications External Memory (SD Card) directly.

There are a lot of applications that claim to fix this issue. I have tried almost 10 applications but none of them succeed. Then, I found another way to do that. Here is:

  1. Download & Install Android SDK.
  2. Open Commant Prompt (Start > Run > cmd).
  3. Go to this folder: C:\Program Files (x86)\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools
  4. Connect your cellphone to the computer via USB.
  5. Install your cellphone application like HTC Sync for HTC cellphones.
  6. Activate “USB debugging” on the phone (Menu -> Settings -> Applications -> Development -> Check USB Debugging)
  7. Go back to Command Prompt. Try this command: adb devices. You will see attached cellhphones.
  8. Then run this command: adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2
  9. That’s all. After that time, your applications will be installing your external memory.

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