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Solved: “Failed to start IP sniffer” error on TEMS Investigation

We use equipments such as data cards, mobile phones, scanners to log network activity on TEMS Investigation. You may face an error when you try to start the script which uses your equipments activated:

Status: Failed
Unknown error, Failed to start IP sniffer

IP sniffer error


IP sniffing is required to collect data that will become inputs for KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). KPIs are used for measuring user-preceived performance of CS (circuit-switched) and PS (packet-switched) services. Examples for KPIs are data transfer time, attach failure ratio, network unavailability etc.

If your data collecting device is unable to perform IP sniffing, you can deactivate this feature to avoid the error above.


  • Open the config file of TEMS Investigation. It generally stays in this directory: C:\Program Files (x86)\Ascom\TEMS Products\TEMS Investigation\Application\ Investigation.exe.config
  • Change the parameters that you need in this line:

    <dataServicesConfiguration ipSniffEnabled="true" ignoreIPSniffError="false" />
    • If you just want to ignore errors,  set ignoreIPSniffError parameter to “true”
    • If you want to disable IP sniffing, set ipSniffEnabled parameter to “false”

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