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What to do if your Facebook ads are approved but not delivering?

Facebook Ads are very powerful as it’s the most used social network. You can reach a big amount of users with a little bit of budget.

What if your ads are not displayed to anyone even though you are willing to pay and you set everything up correctly?

In my case, ads looked “Active” but all columns including “Reach“, “Impression“, and “Cost” were empty.


There might be several reasons why your ads are not displayed. Try these:

  • Make sure the status of your ads are “Active
  • Give Facebook sometime to find the audience for you and place your ads (They say up to 24 hours but I’d say wait maximum 8 hours)
  • Make sure you didn’t exceed your lifetime campaign spending budget
  • Make sure audience and budget settings for your campaign, ad set, and ad don’t overlap each other
  • Be more specific for your audience selection (select language, interests etc.)
  • Create ads or boost your posts by using another Facebook account
  • Make changes to your ad text or photo

If nothing works, send a feedback message to Facebook. They don’t guarantee to reply but they will look into it if there is a bug.

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