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What to do if your Facebook posts are disappearing all of a sudden?

Imagine you spend time and effort to post things to your personal timeline or business page on Facebook but they are removed without any trace or notification. If you boosted these posts, you will see the errors below in your Ads Manager:

Missing Required Parameter: To generate a creative preview, ‘creative_id’, ‘ad_id’ OR ‘creative’ must be provided. (fbtrace_id: Dbl50XhjKhT)

Permission Error: Either the object you are trying to access is not visible to you or the action you are trying to take is restricted to certain account types. (fbtrace_id: BMPRBL4yuie)


Check your Activity Log. Do you see the post there? If yes, you can make it visible in your timeline by clicking the button next to it.

If the post is not displayed in your Activity Log, it means it’s gone (sorry). Try to add it again. If it disappears again, try these before giving up using Facebook:

  • Find the pattern: If there are both text and photo, try posting only text or only photo. Does it disappear?
    • If it disappears when there is only text, it means there is a link or something else that makes Facebook behave oddly. Make changes to your text and try again
    • If it disappears when there is only photo, it means the content or format of the photo breaks a logic somewhere. Try uploading another photo. Try changing to extension of the photo (PNG to JPG or JPG to PNG)
  • Use another account: If this is a page or group, try posting from another Facebook account
  • Change configuration: Go through the settings of your timeline or page. Play with privacy, location, and other settings to find a way to get around this issue

In my case, the issue was the format of the photo (I know, it sounds weird). I changed it from PNG to JPG and my posts stayed in my page!

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19 thoughts on “What to do if your Facebook posts are disappearing all of a sudden?”

  1. The text disappears in my Facebook posts, but the pictures remain. I tried deleting cookies and website data in my iPad’s settings app. The text reappeared in those Facebook posts momentarily, then disappeared again! What can be wrong? I’m about to pull my hair out!

  2. I have had this issue with my status just completely erasing. I thought it was just me, or a data issue but it’s not. I’m not sure how to fix this and it’s really frustrating.

  3. A beautiful public post about a horse visiting a hospital disappeared off my page and activity log about an hour ago for no reason….can find no trace of it.

  4. I’ve also had an issue with about 40 photos just disappeared from my album after uploading them a few weeks ago. Noticed today they have now been wiped completely from my account . Why has this happen ? Just family snaps , no reason for them to have been taken down.

  5. My political page has the most recent post – a thank you to my voters – now missing Jan 12 2019. It was there a few days ago. Activity Log only shows my personal page posts.

  6. I used the free up storage alert. Now it do not have the posting texts from the past 2 yrs,. to copy for my diary. I wanted to print my texts, for my lifetime journal that I started over 25 yrs ago. It was to be a testament of me entering the tech age, getting on facebook. I have been let down by facebook, hoarding my data that I cannot access anymore. I wanted those 1970s days, to accentuate all that I had journaled, many yrs ago,….but maybe technology is not good for the common person. Back to letter writing.

  7. I had this happen to me only recently on a longer post, in which I tried to be helpful by answering a question concerning recognition of foreign credentials in a German-language American FB forum. I did additonal research in between to make sure my information was precise because many incorrect guesses had been contained in the comments by others. The only outside item / URL I inserted was a US-government site, which had specific information pertaining to the subject and other URLs; I was able to continue writing after that. I was not quite done after approx. 45 minutes or writing and tweeking and also added my company website as some comments by others had pertained to translations. From one second to the next, all disappeared, and I had to admit it was gone forever (see FB “sorry” as one of the FB replies above) after looking in every possible location, even incl. the Recycle Bin, Cloud Backup, This also happens frequently in messages. I gave up because I don’t have unlimited time. I had already figured out that in Messenger, the best way is to split the message into several and hit Send in between. If I ever get ambitious again, I will split the post up into several. That way I only part can disappear. Facebook is EXTREMELY fickle and unstable!

  8. All my posts on my Facebook business page going back 5 years have disappeared from the time line on my desktop machine BUT they can still be viewed on the iPhone Any ideas please ?

  9. Facebook has been deleting post off my timeline. January 2020 two are gone. Also during the summer. Yet they appear in the activity log and it’s not hidden. Any answers to restore to timeline?

  10. I would estimate 90% of the posts I put up on Facebook, whether directly on my page or comments on other pages, disappear within 24 hours of being put up. This had been the case…for years. Not “just happened”, or “on occasion”, but All. The. Time.
    Facebook offers zero help. ZERO. Only their do-it-yourself, if-this-try-that option.
    All I can figure is I (and what looks to be many, many mire like me) have been caught up in one of Facebook’s data-grabbing/deleting algorithms with no way out without help.
    Help. From Facebook? What a joke.

  11. Facebook I do not understand, and doubt I ever will. My fiance tells me that she can only see photos on the device she posted them from. I thought the files were always uploaded? Makes no sense.

    This morning I coulodnt get a web page to load that I really wanted to access. I was told the site had redirected me too many times! I suggested I clear my cookies and I did. Half hour later she came running in to me saying all the photos she posted (from my phone – long story) over the last few days had disappeared! Does anyone understand how/why deleting cookies would have such an effect? or how to get those photos showing again?

    It does seem to be a useless service if the only person who can view posts is the person using the device from which they are posted!

  12. As a self-published writer, I’ve set up a Facebook account to help promote my work and to interest others in matters related to my research, etc. This has helped to grow a small following and enlist the support of bookstores who are not overly interested in independently published work unless you’re active on social media. Now I find the awareness I’ve been building since April through a variety of posts beginning to fragment and disappear – especially important bookshop posts. This is not a recreation, this is an crucial part of my business in reaching an audience. How might things that are registered in the activity log be restored to view?


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